2019 Twins Days Royal Court

KINGS: Dave and Don Wolf

Dave and Don Wolf

Dave and Don are 61 year old mirror twins who are celebrating their 21st Twins Days Festival. They were the first set of twins delivered by their mother’s doctor back in 1957. After Dave appeared, the doctor announced, “I think there’s another one in there!” Both are very active in their church. Both love to hunt and fish. Any opportunity our Kings have to spend outdoors in the woods or on a lake puts them right at home. They are wolves, after all! Graduates from Michigan’s Fenton High School, Dave went on to get an associate’s degree in automotive body repair. Though Don opted out of further education, both jokingly feel they are still attending the ‘school of hard knocks’! Self-employed truck drivers, they have been driving for over 25 years. Trucking by Wolf Brother’s Inc. has close to 6 million miles logged as they have traveled all the lower 48 states and parts of Canada. Other hobbies include a Lionel train collection, scuba diving, and working with anything that has wheels, a motor, and the potential to go fast. They have been blessed to be a part of the Mary Ellen Mark Book, the National Geographic Magazine twin article, and the History Channel’s Big Rig Bounty Hunters. Our 2019 Kings feel they are now mature enough to serve their Twins Family and have only one request. “…Everyone enjoy themselves and have the most wonderful time of their life.”

QUEENS: Katherine (Fertig) Dill and Carolyn Fertig

Katherine and Carolyn

Our lovely 2019 Queens, Katherine and Carolyn, were born in Solon, Ohio, and grew up right down the street from Twins Days. These two have never missed a festival and have been going for 33 years. Katherine graduated from Kent State University with a BA in Advertising and a MS in User Experience. Carolyn has a BA in Journalism from Kent State University. Today, both ladies work for two competing Advertising Agencies within the Cleveland area. Our Queens were instrumental in helping with the planning, development, deployment, and now the maintenance of the new Twins Days website. Carolyn lives in Solon with her son Adrian and their crazy little dog named Abby. Katherine lives in Garfield Heights with her husband, Jesse, and a rambunctious Australian Shepard named Boomer. Last year Carolyn gave birth to a beautiful baby boy six weeks early, coming home from the hospital on the Festival’s opening day. Having always been that special someone in her sister’s life, Katherine knew things had changed and her sister had a new love in her life. However, that very day Carolyn called her twin and asked where she was – after all, it was Twins Days! Together they went to the festival and it was then that they realized their twinship was inseparable. Clearly, they are the “People’s Queens” and their love and respect for the Festival has shaped who they are!

PRINCESSES: Victoria and Claire Nebel

Victoria and Claire Nebel

Our Princesses, Victoria Jean and Claire Cecelia, were born on July 21, 2004, in Butler, Pennsylvania. Though the girls look alike, Victoria has blue eyes and Claire’s eyes are brown. Fifteen years old, our lovely princesses have attended as many festivals! They attended Butler High School for seventh and eighth grade and will attend there again in the fall. Both are in honors classes and both have received high honors awards, scholar athlete awards, and are in the National Junior Honor Society. Mutually, math is their favorite subject! For fun, they enjoy volleyball and jumping on the trampoline. Not only are they on their school volleyball team, they also play for the Pittsburgh Magic volleyball club traveling team. Claire is a middle hitter and Victoria is an outside hitter. They are senior altar servers at their church and volunteer to help at parish fish fries and picnics. Recently, they were Confirmed, a very important rite of Christian faith. As twins, our princesses might argue, but they stick together. They enjoy teaching each other new things and having someone by their side so they are never alone. Their favorite part of the Festival, a family tradition, is the parade! And what is a parade without a princess! The girls have always loved princesses, and now they are one…two…AND they will riding in the Double Take Parade!

PRINCES: Marlon and Maliek Tyler

Marlon and Maliek Taylor

Marlon and Maliek are 13 year old fraternal twins living in Sagamore Hills, Ohio, with mom, dad, and younger brother Mason. Our Princes will be entering the 8th grade at Nordonia Middle School this fall. Both play clarinets in band, but Maliek is learning to play the alto sax for jazz band. In their spare time, they enjoy playing video games on either Xbox or the Nintendo Switch. Their favorite sport to play and watch is basketball. The boys belong to an after school club called Nordonia Hills Campus Life, which is part of an organization called ‘Youth for Christ’. For holidays and special occasions the twins enjoy singing at church with their younger brother. One day, we hope, our talented Princes may decide to entertain us in the Twins Days Talent Show! Their favorite parts of the Festival are seeing twins in themed costumes and twin popsicles, of course! A special tale they like to share happened when their mother was pregnant with them. Sadly, their parents thought she was miscarrying. After the hospital exam, their father joined the rest of the family in the waiting area. He told them, “We are not having a baby.” He paused for effect. “We are having two!” What could have been devastating news was a double blessing! And now for their Twins Days Family, double Princes!!


GRAND MARSHALS: Broden and Lilyrae Markovitz

Broden and Lilyrae Markovitz

Broden and Lilyrae were born March 2, 2003, and are natives of the city of Twins. Their mother grew up in Twinsburg and their parents were married in that same magical city at the time of the Twins Days Festival in 1999. Truly, our Grand Marshals were destined to be twins! Broden and Lilyrae will be juniors at Twinsburg High School this fall. Both work at Fun ‘n’ Stuff and love being twins! Like most twins, these two are the best of friends who are always there for each other. They say, “It’s like having that one person who knows you like nobody else does!” These two can even finish the other’s sentences!! This brother-sister combo love to celebrate their twinship and meet twins from all around the world, which they do each year at Twins Days. Participating in the contests is one of their favorite experiences of the Festival. This year they are excited to share their love of their hometown and represent all ‘Twinsburg Twins’ and twins all around the globe!