Older twins holding young twin babies

In 1976, a small group of dedicated people planning Twinsburg’’s participation in the bicentennial celebration that year decided to set aside one day for twins. The Twins Day Festival started with a flag raising and dedication of the Wilcox Monument on the square and the dedication of the first picnic shelter at Glenn Chamberlin Park.
The following year, determined not to let the idea die, a committee went into action, and made the second Twins Day happen. There were food booths that year operated by local service organizations wanting to raise funds for their treasuries, a band concert talent show, a Square Dance Exhibition and a “bike-and-buggy” parade for children 12 years and younger. With 38 sets of twins who attended that second year we were on our way.

The past 48 festivals have seen over 84,182 sets of twins and multiples have attended, national and international media coverage, a visiting delegation of nine sets of twins from the Soviet Union, as well as on site research by companies and universities. The Twins Days Festival is recorded as the “Largest Annual Gathering of Twins in the World” by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Past Festival/Program Themes

2023 “Shiver Me Twinbers” – Pirate

2022   “Welcome 2 the Jungle” – Jungle 

2021   “The Roaring TWINties!” – 20’s Era

2020   “Apart We’re 2gether” – Virtual Festival (no in-person festival held)

2019   “Twins Days – Home for the Holidays” – Holidays

2018    “Two-Player Mode” – Video Games/Gaming

2017    Twinsburg 200th Bicentennial: Your heritage/Where are from?

2016    “Twinsfinity and Beyond!” – Outer Space

2015    “Times 2 Remember” – 40th Festival Celebration/Time Machine

2014    “Twinstock” – Late 60’s, Early 70s Era

2013    “Twice Upon a Time” – Fairytales & Fables

2012    “Twin Power!” – Super Heroes

2011    Circus

2010    “Twin Roundup” – Western

2009    “Twins Days Rocks!” – 50’s

2008    “Twins Days All-Stars” – Sports:

2007    “Twin Fiesta” – Fiesta

2006    “Take2” – Movies

2005    30th Twins Days Festival Celebration

2004    Tropical

2003    No formal theme

2002    Patriotic

2001    “Double Fun!”

2000    “Reflections” – 25th Twins Days Festival Celebration

1999    “Two-of-a-Kind”

1998    “Two-gether in Twinsburg” 

1997    “Double Vision in Twinsburg”

1996    “And they came by ones, twos, threes, fours…” – Noah’s Ark

1995    20th Twins Days Festival Celebration

1994    “International Year of the Family”

1993    No formal theme

1992    City of Twinsburg’s 175th Anniversary

1991    No formal theme

1990    No formal theme

1989    No formal theme

1988    No formal theme

1987    No formal theme

1986    No formal theme

1985    10th Twins Days Festival Celebration

1984    No formal theme

1983    No formal theme

1982    No formal theme

1981    No formal theme

1980    No formal theme

1979    No formal theme

1978    No formal theme

1977    No formal theme

1976    No formal theme