Past Year’s Festival Highlights

2021 Highlights:


5 K Race & Fun Walk – Overall Winners


  1. Garrett Crichlow 16:28
  2. Derek Coceano 18:50
  3. Ryan Coceano 19:09

Women’s Team

  1. Glitter Hooves 23:50
  2. We’ve Got The Runs 24:30
  3. Cookies 25:52

Men’s Team     

  1. Coceano Twins 18:58
  2. Berendt Twins 21:06
  3. The Dragonz 44:57


2021 Volleyball Tournament


First Place – Team Stinkers

Cynthia Kreuz

Sue Koral

Shawn Leone

Joe Leone

Johnathan Troyer

Jeremy Troyer


Second Place – Team Icy

Byranna Meade

Deanna Meade

Lauren Elkin

Jennifer Tharakan

Jacob Ranshaw

Joshua Ranshaw


Golf Outing

McFarland & Powell – 1st place NON-TWINS Male

Gwinn Brothers  –   1st Place TWIN Male

Mikel & Skunza – 1st Place NON-TWINS Women

Elder & Gum  – 1st Place TWIN Women


Parade Winners

Mayor’s Trophy – SteamPunk Twins – Megan and Paige Boulanger from Wisconsin

Festival Theme Parade Float – On Your Toes Dance – located in Twinsburg

Most Unique Twin Entry – Television Steamboat Willie – Lillian and Livia Priestly from Pennsylvania

Twin Walking Unit – Women of the 1920’s Audrey and Elouise Swick from Ohio

Most Unique Entry – Prohibition (Human Red Car) Wendy and Cindy Oswald from New York; Kristen and Elissa Coutoulakis from Rhode Island

Most Unique Vehicle – Twinsburg Chief of Police – Christopher Noga