Reauboys Fund

Ralph and Richie Boudreau attended their first Annual Twins Days Festival in August 1992. They were so enthusiastic about the “Twins” experience, they encouraged every twin they knew and met to seriously consider attending the next Twins Days Festival.
Photo of Richie and Ralph (in blue shirts) with their friends, Harvey and Elliott Kaplan – August, 1993

In June 1993, Ralph was diagnosed with cancer. While in the hospital for surgery, Ralph announced that he and Richie were going to Twinsburg. Thankfully, they were able to make the trip. Ralph and Richie entertained at the festival with a heartfelt rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.” Those of us who had the pleasure of watching the performance will never forget it.

Even after Ralph’s death in November of 1993, Richie continues to come to Twins Days for the “twin strength and twin power” that he and Ralph felt at the festival. Richie also continues to perform their song, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, each year.

A number of Ralph and Richie’s friends joined together and formed “The Reauboys Fund.” The purpose of this fund is to honor Ralph’s memory and his commitment to Twins Days. The fund is supported by the sale of souvenir photo buttons at Twins Days. The proceeds are used to provide financial aid to twins who want to attend the festival but are prevented from doing so because of some sort of hardship. Since its inception in 1994, the proceeds have helped numerous twins experience the TWINS DAYS event, sharing their twinship with twins from around the world! .

Twins wishing to apply for a grant to attend Twins Days should send their written request to the Reauboys Fund. Letters must be received by May 15, and grants will be awarded by June 15. Only written inquiries detailing need will be accepted. The committee reviews the letters with the hope that it can help everyone, but regrettably this cannot happen. Preference is given to twins who have never experienced Twins Days, and help is never given to the same twins twice. It is our hope that once twins experience Twins Days through a Reauboys Fund grant, they will find a way to return each year thereafter.

Reauboys Fund Committee:

Reau Boys Fund
91 Cedar Grove Rd
Toms River, NJ 08753

Our decisions on whom we help are based on the following criteria:

The twins have never attended Twins Days
The twins have a definite need for financial help
The twins want to attend the festival
A written request is received by May 15th at the Reauboys Fund address