We are so excited with the upgrades we’ve made this year to our website and we can tell that you all are excited about it too! We wanted to give our twin guests some information on how this will change (hopefully streamline!) the packet pick-up at this year’s festival. If you have registered at any time before you get to the festival, you received a confirmation email with your registration number. We will still divide up the pick-up lines alphabetically by last (maiden) name on Friday night, but if you have your registration confirmation open on your phone/device, we can get right to number/name tags and send you on your way for fun.

And guess what? It’s never “too late” to register online! While the price will change from $20 to $25 per set on July 20, the online registration will be active all the way to the close of the festival on Sunday night. Just flash your confirmation at the “pre-registered” line at the registration booth and we will be able to check you in. No more standing in the heat to fill out a paper form if you have a cellular device. We hope that these innovations will enhance your check-in experience and, if we have glitches, we will be really grateful for your patience.

Registration Form

The deadline to pre-register was 08/04/2019 and you can no longer register online. You can, however, still register onsite the day of the event.
The onsite cost is $12.50 per multiple. For example, it would cost $25.00 for a set of twins at the festival.