Twins Scholarship Application

Each year the Twins Days Festival Committee honors a set of twins, who are graduating seniors, that exhibit exceptional efforts in both school and community service, and share their experience being a twin”, and what effect, if any, it will have on your career choice.
The Twins Days Festival makes available a scholarship ($1,000 per twin) to help a set of qualified twins with upcoming college expenses. One set of twins is selected each year to be awarded this scholarship. If you are interested in applying please complete and submit the application below.

Applicant Eligibility/Guidelines/Requirements
• Twins must be high school seniors accepted at an accredited university this fall.
• Twins must have been registered and attended three (3) of the last five (5) festivals (not counting the current year), and be registered for the current year festival.
• Twins must be citizens of the United States or its territories.
• This application must be received by June 6th to be eligible.

Accompanying this application the following must be submitted:
• Transcripts of grades, class size, and GPA.
• Two individual letters of recommendation from a teacher, neighbor, employer, etc. (no relatives).
• Each twin needs to submit a short essay (300 words maximum) on “My Experience Being a Twin”, and what effect, if any, it will have on your career choice.
A brief description of yourself, your interests, and a recent photo. If selected, the photo will only be used ONLY for publication in the Twins Day souvenir program, on the website, and social media; in addition to local media newspaper.

The Twins Days Scholarship Form is not currently active.
Application for the scholarship is currently closed. Applications for the 2024 scholarships can start being submitted on April 1, 2024.