Twinless Twins Events

The Twins Days Family understands how special and unique your journey is, and we’re here to create a meaningful space just for you. Join us at the octagonal pavilion behind the Arts & Crafts area for some heartfelt activities:

Twinless Twin Meet-n-Greet – An informal place to connect with others who share your experience in a supportive environment. This will begin at noon on Saturday & Sunday with no end time. 

Luminary Lighting Ceremony – A beautiful moment to honor and remember your twin. To be held on Saturday evening only. If you wish to dedicate a luminary to your twin please visit the Information Tent located on the midway, next to Souvenirs, and fill out the luminary form. At this time you can also write a message your your luminary. The lighting ceremony will take place at next to the Meet-n-Greet pavilion at approximately 9:15. All are asked to gather at the location by 9:00 p.m.

Memorial Photo Board – Bring a photo or a write a note to your twin, and share it with others in our community by posting it on the board. These can be posted at anytime. NOTE: Any photos/notes remaining on the board at the end of the festival will be discarded, so please take them with you before you leave.

These events will be a touching tribute to the bond you cherish. Check the festival site map and schedule for exact location and time. We can’t wait to share this time with you.