Twins Contests


Twins Contests Schedule

These contests are presented for fun and entertainment and are not judged scientifically.

We can’t all be winners of the contests, but by being a twin you are all winners!

The times of the contests have shifted. Be sure to find the particular contest you will be participating in, and be sure to arrive at the contest lineup area behind the contest tent at least 10 minutes prior to the posted contest start time.

Please see detailed contest rules and guidelines below.

Contest Rules and Guidelines

Twins must be registered to participate in any contest. Entry for a contest may only be through the backstage ramp when called by the contest stage manager. You must be wearing a current wristband and registration number to be admitted to the stage.

Contest times are approximate and are subject to change. Please be in the general vicinity of the contests at least 10 minutes prior to your contest time. You must be present at the start of the contest to participate. Once judging has begun, no late entries will be allowed. Admittance is at the sole discretion of the stage manager or contest chairperson(s).

The contests are limited to the twin/multiples who are registered. With exception for Theme Group and mid-day higher order recognition (triplets, etc.), all other contests are for registered twins only. Your children cannot be part of your costume. For twins aged 4 and under, one parent or guardian may accompany them on stage if necessary. Admittance of additional parents or family members is at the sole discretion of the stage manager or contest chairperson(s).

Wristbands must be worn on the wrist and registration tags must be worn around the neck of all twins 2 years and older. Parents of twins under the age of 2 must wear/hold wristbands and registration tags.

Contestants may be asked to present a driver license, passport, birth certificate or other form of identification for specific contests at the discretion of the judges and/or contest chairperson(s). Please bring these items with you to the contests.

Contestants participating in the Farthest Within and Farthest Outside the U.S. contests must pre-register to be eligible for these contests. Contestants receiving recognition will be contacted prior to the festival. These contests are Saturday ONLY (no recognition on Sunday).

Saturday’s contest winners cannot participate in the same contest(s) on Sunday.



No wheeled carts, vehicles or large oversized props of any kind are permitted on the stage as part of the outfit/costumes. We also ask that all strollers be left behind the stage in the designated are for ALL contests. This is for the safety of the contestants and judges as much as it is about the space limitations of the stage. Contestants must be able to enter and exit the stage without assistance (unless physically handicapped or due to age).

All outfit/costume parts must be worn, carried or on your body. No signs or banners please.

Only foam or plastic props and toy weapons are permitted; these include handguns, rifles, knives, spears, arrows, etc.

Outfit/Costumes must be no larger than 3 feet wide x 3 feet long x 7 feet tall. A taped-off 3-D frame with these dimensions will be available to check your dimensions before entering the stage. Admittance restrictions due to size are at the sole discretion of the stage manager or contest chairperson(s). See FIG A below.

‘Theme Outfit Group’ size is limited to four people max. This includes two sets of registered twins, one set of registered triplets, or one set of registered quadruplets. Winners in ‘Theme Outfit Group’ contest are not eligible to win in other ‘Theme Outfit’ contests.


These contests are presented for fun and entertainment and are not judged scientifically. However, for the outfit contests, judges are encouraged to focus on:
• Connection to theme of current year.
• Originality (different from other outfits/costumes)
• Workmanship/Detail (including make-up if needed) if outfits/costumes appear hand-made.
• Presentation/Overall “Wow Factor”


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