Twins Days Royal Court


2023 Twins Days Royal Court

2023 Kings – Dave and Rich Ascher

Rich and Dave Ascher are identical twins born on October 26, 1969, eight minutes apart.  They grew up and still live in New Jersey, both attended University of Delaware, and currently work as Certified Public Accountants in different industries.

This will be their 23rd year attending the Twins Days Festival!  In 1995, after visiting the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, they decided to stop by Twins Days on their way home and see what this festival was all about. They were amazed at seeing so many twins in one place, ran out to buy some matching clothes, and they have been coming back ever since! 

Rich lives with his wife, daughter and son in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Dave lives with his wife and two sons in Hillsborough, NJ. They live about 30 minutes away from each other.

They are big New York sports fans (especially the New York Giants) and root for the same teams except baseball. Rich is a Mets fan and Dave roots for the Yankees.  Rich and Dave also have a goal of visiting all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums.  Dave has attended games at 20 MLB stadiums while Rich will have seen 14 stadiums by the end of the summer. They also enjoy playing golf and spending time together with family and friends.

Their favorite part of Twins Days is celebrating their special bond together and having an annual reunion with the many friendships that have developed over the years.  

Rich and Dave are excited to have been selected as Kings for 2023 and look forward to many more Twins Weekends in the future!

2023 Queens – Dana and Delanie Kriner

From Maumee, Ohio, our 2023 Queens, identical twins Dana and Delanie Kriner, attended Toledo Christian High School. Their similar teaching styles made it easy to serve as varsity cheerleading captain and co-captain! In doubles tennis, it was effortless for them to be in sync, and thus, they were able to make it all the way to the finals their freshman year!

Together they attended the University of Toledo and both worked at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store where they had a grand time confusing the guests! Even though they had different majors in college, they both enjoyed working out together. Our Queens recalled a fun memory when they each made a seating chart to study for class swap day.

Though the career paths they have taken are different, they share a passion for helping others. Dana is a police officer and Delanie is the Administrator of a nursing home. Dana keeps the community safe and has earned awards for saving several lives. Delanie works with the elderly population to ensure they receive the best care and rehabilitation to return home safely. She also ensures that her employees who work for her are cared for and happy.

Attending the Twins Days Festival since their youth, they like to dress up and see how crazy of an outfit they can make, each year trying to surpass their previous creation. They love to distribute candy in the parade and to compete in the theme and look-alike contests. What a thrill it is for our Queens to win a medal, or better yet, to see their friends win! Having this one weekend together each year reconnects their paths and allows them to bond as twins twice over.

2023 Prince and Princess – Max and Rose Saxon-Housum

Born in 2006, our 2023 Prince and Princess, Max and Rose Saxon-Housum, will be entering their senior year this fall at North Ridgeville HIgh School in Ohio. Both have achieved high honors every quarter of their high school careers. Since their sophomore year, they have been section leaders in the Marching Band and play in their school’s top ensemble, both earning spots in the Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra.

They always find themselves participating in the same extracurricular activities because they love to spend time with each other. A passion for the arts and “singing together for as long as they can remember”, this duo has been in drama club since elementary school and participates in many community theaters. They are members of the National Honor Society, Key Club, and Leo Club, where both serve as officers. Max is also Student Council President, and both participate in Academic Challenge.

Max and Rose have spent countless hours volunteering and serving their community through their mother’s local Mothers of Twins Club as well as the Ohio Federation of Mothers of Twins Club, and Scouts.

Though they have a lot of similar interests and work together often, they also have their own personalities. People often believe they aren’t twins because of how independent they can be at times. However, they recognize their strength together. Attending their first Twins Days Festival at age six months, Max reflects, “As we’ve gotten older, Rose and I have learned to appreciate the significance of the Twins Days Festival more. It’s a celebration of the special bond between twins.” Rose adds, “As fraternal twins, we have just as strong a bond as any other twins. Being a twin is the best thing that could have happened in my life.”

2023 Princess and Prince – Grace and Noah Renz

Our 2023 Princess and Prince, Grace and Noah Renz, were born on March 22 and March 29, 2010. Yes, that’s correct! These two came into the world seven days apart. This fall they will be entering the 7th grade at Oakwood Middle School in Middlebranch, Ohio. Even at their young age, they volunteer by helping set up or tear down school events and serving as a tour guide for the incoming students.

Grace enjoys dancing and is very excited to be going on pointe this summer. While both like singing in the school choir, Noah is also a part of the select school choir which reaches out into the community to spread the gift of music. He also enjoys playing golf. Quality time spent with family includes camping and amusement park visits.

A tradition since they were four months old is to attend Twins Day. Their favorite events include participating in the walking in the parade, entering the contests, and attending the “hot dog party” where they try their luck at the basket raffle. Grace shared,“…we have different birthdays, but we are still twins. We get to celebrate ‘us’ for a whole week every year!”

When you meet our Princess and Prince, they will surely tell you that Grace is 9,702 minutes older than her brother. Noah added, “…we don’t share a birthday and people say that I kicked out my sister. I think that being seven days younger than my sister is special because out of all the twins at Twins Days, I haven’t met any other sets of twins that were born seven days apart.”


2023 Grand Marshals – Hannah and Sarah Miller

Our 2023 Grand Marshals, Hannah and Sarah Miller, are 16 years old and will be entering the 11th grade this fall at Twinsburg High School. These lovely young ladies moved to Twinsburg when they were four months old and have attended the Twins Days Festival ever since. They have competed in the most alike contests multiple times and have won first, second, and third place medals throughout the years.

Community service is very important to them so it is not uncommon to see them during the Festival weekend offering support. Together, with their brother Zachary, our 2023 THS Scholarship award recipient, they have worked the cornhole tournament and assisted at the youth 5k. 

Even though they are identical twins, they have very different personalities. Hannah is one minute older and enjoys all things glittery like dance, shopping, and being in the spotlight. Sarah loves most sports, art, cooking, and being in charge behind the scenes. Hannah is a member of the On Your Toes competitive dance team and Sarah runs on the Twinsburg High School Varsity Cross Country and Track teams. Their favorite part of Twins Days is seeing all the different sets of twins and learning how far people travel to participate in the Festival. Both girls are excited to be this year’s Grand Marshalls and lead the parade and festivities.