Twins Days Royal Court

2022 Royal Court 

2022 KINGS

Kings Drew and Noah Perry

Our 2022 Kings Drew and Noah Perry are identical twins and older siblings of this year’s Queens! Both young men graduated from Michigan State University in 2019. Drew is currently working as a data analyst. Noah is working as a lab technician at Beaumont Hospital in Michigan and aspires to be a physician’s Assistant. Our Kings describe their family as “goofy.” Having two sets of identical twins in their household 18 months apart means double the fun and drama; but, it also allows for an extremely close bond, especially being the first two sets in their family lineage. Drew and Noah have the same sense of humor and hobbies and enjoy each other’s company. Their friend group is multiplied so they are never bored. Switching classes in school, having a 24/7 mental health hotline, and +1 to any event they don’t want to attend alone, our Kings always have an easy and cheap accomplice. Volunteering as a family—including their siblings, grandmother, and mother—during the Twins Days weekend and reconnecting with their Twinsburg extended family never gets old for all four Perry siblings. They volunteered in the Registration Booth in 2012 and 2013, and have been seen in the Souvenir Booth ever since. Their countless hours given to the Festival have been recognized as they are royally crowned. Through our Kings and Queens involvement, they hope to keep spreading the joy of this Festival in addition to connecting with others from all around the world. Thank you for your service to the Festival and enjoy your well-deserved Reign!



Darian and Nina Perry

Our 2022 Queens are Darien and Nina Perry, identical twin siblings of our 2022 Kings! Nina and Darien’s alma mater is University of Michigan-Ann Arbor which creates a bit of sibling rivalry with their brothers! Nina is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Engineering (material science) while Darien is currently attending graduate school for a Masters of Management at the Ross Business School at the University of Michigan. Darien is a part-time model and substitute teacher at her local school district. Nina recently came back from a two-and-a-half month internship at 3M HQ in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In their free time, they enjoy reading, playing with their cats, night driving, learning new languages, spending time with family, and connecting with their Hawaiian roots. From their mother’s side, they are Japanese-Hawaiian, Scotch, and Irish. From their dad’s side, they are Scandinavian. Along with their brother’s shared support system, mutual sense of humor, interests, hobbies, and multiplied friendships, they add that they can commiserate over homework, deadlines, and work. Our Queens have each other to talk to when they can’t fall asleep! They enjoy being a part of people’s lives through helping and assisting others. The Festival is a wonderful opportunity for them to do so while reuniting with their twin family, old and new. Both our Kings and Queen have participated in many events at the Festival and have observed the Royal Court for over a decade. Now that observation has become a reality and what an amazing gift this will be for their grandmother to see her grandchildren as their year’s Double Royalty!




Noah and Drew Jursa

Our 2022 Princes Noah and Drew Jursa were born in Youngstown, Ohio, and attend James A. Garfield Schools in Garrettsville, OH. These identical twins are sixth graders currently in Advanced Reading and Math classes. Their GPA’s are nearly identical despite never having been in the same class until this past school year. Noah and Drew are Arrow of Light Cub Scouts, Food Drive Volunteers, and their family hosts an annual food drive that includes a “Pictures with Santa” event for the community. Mutual interests include history, space, and science and their greatest love is animals of all kinds. Both of our Princes want to work with animals one day, either as Zoologists or in animal rescue efforts. A flawless Twins Days attendance since they were three months old, they have participated in the parades with elaborate floats and costumes as well as in the contests every year. As Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome survivors, they have made an unconscious effort to be as different as possible. One was born by Cesarean birth, while the other, natural. One was healthy and the other had to stay in the NICU for a week. One came home from the hospital in the winter, the other in the spring. Despite how different they’ve always managed to be, they are still as close as any identical twins should be. Their favorite part of the annual Festival journey is meeting up with a very dear set of twins who share the same first names. Though our Princes are only in middle school, and our Kings are college graduates, what a bond they share! Congratulations to Princes AND Kings Noahs and Drews!



Olivia and Aubrey Davies

Our 2022 Princesses, Olivia and Aubrey Davies, were born on Halloween in 2008! They currently attend Bio-Med Science Academy in Rootstown Ohio and will be going into the 8th grade in the Fall. Olivia has taught herself to sew and shares her creations with others. She loves sports and partakes in soccer, volleyball, and bowls. An avid reader, you can usually find her cuddled up with a good book. At school she is involved in the reading club, Student Council, Student Leaders, and Chess Club. Both Princesses have a love of writing and are in the school writing club. Both have had their short stories featured in two books. Olivia also won 5th place at The Youngstown State English Festival this past year for her impromptu essay. Aubrey loves being creative through art. She enjoys her personal art class where she is growing as an artist. Her favorite medium is clay, but she has a passion for painting, too. One of her paintings won an honorable mention and has been featured in the book “Celebrating Art.” Aubrey is also a budding photographer. The Fraternal representation this year, our Princesses are uniquely different. Being twins, the only thing they have in common is their birthday! Everything else about them is different from eye color, hair length, height, the hand they write with and even their vision…Aubrey has glasses and Olivia doesn’t. They were only nine months old when they first visited the Festival. They’ve walked the parade, entered contests each year (and won), and ate yummy popsicles and hot dogs.The Festival is a part of who they are and the summer wouldn’t be complete without it



Nate and Jack Bartel

Our 2022 Grand Marshals are identical Twinsburg Twins Nate and Jack Bartel. Graduates of the Twinsburg High School Class of 2022, Nate will be attending The Ohio State University while Jack will be attending the University of Cincinnati. Both plan to major in computer science. During their high school career, they were four-year Varsity Swim Team letter winners and both served as Team Captains during their junior and senior years. Nate and Jack were often seen helping the less experienced swimmers refine their stroke techniques and dives off the block. One of their fondest service memories was when they installed smoke detectors in Cleveland homes for those less fortunate. We are so thankful for our Grand Marshal’s love of community and their giving hearts. The Twins Days Festival has been a special part of their lives since birth and each year they enjoy seeing other twins like themselves. As this year’s Grand Marshals, they hope to inspire others to support their community and spread the word about the Festival that has meant so much to them. Humorous and fun loving, Nate and Jack shared that the best thing about being a twin is that they “can share homework answers.” This may change a bit for them as they head to different collegiate campuses. Nate shared that they are “sad to be separating, but we also see it as a growing experience.” Their twin family wishes them the best of luck in all their future endeavors and thank Nate and Jack for serving as this year’s Grand Marshals.